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A few weeks ago Rich Brueckner over at insideHPC pointed the HPC community to an excellent lecture on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).   Dr. Margot Gerritsen, a Computational Scientist and the Director of the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Standford University, gives a great overview of CFD.   It’s worth your time to watch if you are interested in, or even tangentially associated with, CFD.   She explains CFD with very clear and easy to understand examples.  I really appreciate those who have a passion for applied mathematics and go a step further and make it interesting!

[I want to share] with you a bit of the passion that I have for computational mathematics … [The] mathematical harassing of undergraduate and graduate students is led by my institute … that’s a wonderful feeling to be able to control that … very painful experience… But I love it!

When you look at it very carefully, all of the equations that govern fluid flow processes.. be it climate models, weather models, optimization of sail design for competitive yacht races … optimizing wings … fluid flow in oil and gas reservoirs, aquifers, ground water models, coastal oceans, wind turbine optimization …

All of these processes that may seem completely different, are all governed by these equations, it’s all the same stuff… they look very complex … [but] it’s all relatively simple.

Dr. Gerritsen does a great job of presenting an overview of what is involved in CFD calculations.  She then goes into the how and why of creating  an effective mesh, and then solving  this mesh on a cluster.  This is a very excellent introduction to fluid dynamics!

Dell’s Blake Gonzales @ SC11 talks about some of the HPC workloads customers have been asking about with him.

I wanted to point you to some interesting things going on at SC10 and also some content I’ve contributed to this week in New Orleans.  I’ll be updating this post occasionally.

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